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For all of her life, Peggy has felt at home in the outdoors, whether in the woods or on the water.  She loves discovering and learning about birds and bugs and trees and plants and wildlife, and so on!  She enjoys the study of nature through photography and has taught classes on nature photography.  She has been a volunteer for and is a lifetime member of the Ozark Trail Association.  Peggy received her certification from the Forestry Service as a Sawyer to help clear deadfall from the Ozark Trail.  Peggy also enjoys the self-reliance of organic gardening and preserving home grown foods to share and enjoy all year.

Whats inside, directions to trailheads, maps, GPS coordinates, photos, WOW spot locations of great views and interesting sites, a full color photo insert.  We've put this book together from mile by mile documentation of our outings along the trail. We love the OT, and "self-published" the book.

directions, maps, photos of the entire trail located in Southern Missouri

The Ozark Trail Guidebook

Margo was born and raised in the St. Louis, Missouri area.  She has spent much of her life on a bicycle, racing, and exploring on long distance rides.  Those experiences led her to write her first book, Cycling St. Louis. She hopes that through her books others will enjoy the wonders of the outdoors.  Margo is a lifetime member of the Ozark Trail Association, and has worked for the Missouri Conservation Department on the Gypsy moth program.  Her interests include photography, kayaking, hiking, and bike riding.  She loves growing native plants, along with organic vegetables and flowers, with dreams to someday have a little farm and roadside stand. 

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We are just a couple of people who love the Ozark Trail, the outdoors, walking, riding, canoeing and kayaking, taking photos, and sharing our adventures with the hopes that others will enjoy these wonderful places.